Preparing For Your Home Inspection

A home inspection is a great way to determine if you have any issues or areas that can be addressed to prevent any issues from the future.  When looking for someone to do an inspection make sure that they have a home inspection license that is valid and certified from the state.  This will ensure that any findings that you have will not be contested and your evaluation will hold up if issues do arise.

Schedule a time

Time is very important to all of us.  It is important that we schedule enough time for the inspector to come and do their job and that we are not going to be interrupted or need to do something that will prevent the inspection from being completed.  This is why before you schedule your inspection know your time frame and allow for adjustments.

Take photos

home inspection license

When the inspection is going on walk with the inspector and take photos of things that he says are wrong.  In most cases the inspector can take the photos for you so that you have a visual record of exactly what it is they are talking about.  With these photos make sure that you make multiple copies and keep a detailed record of any repairs that are made.

Give inspector information about any problems that you may see

You will want to let the inspector know of areas that you see problems with.  Let them look at it and see if it is a problem or not.  If you let them know you can get advance info on what it will take to repair or if it is something that can just be overlooked since it is superficial.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid of inspections.  They are designed to ensure that everyone has a fair shake at getting the best value for their money.  Take what they tell you and get things repaired as needed.  You will benefit in the long run.

Preparing For Your Home Inspection