Factors That Indicate Whether Tooth Implants Are Suitable For You

You must already be aware of what tooth implants are. To reiterate, dental implants, in essence, are artificial teeth that look and perform as well as natural teeth. They are inserted into the jaw using titanium via a surgical procedure.

Are you wondering how you can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants? There are certain criteria that you must ideally meet before undergoing a dental implant procedure.

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Tooth implants are quite popular since they make life easier for people who have missing teeth and finding competent tooth implant process riverdale dental professionals shouldn’t be too difficult. But it does help to know if you’re a good candidate first.

You Ready For Tooth Implants

You must undergo a comprehensive dental exam and review your medical history.

Take a look at some factors that give you the green-signal for getting dental implants. If you have a missing tooth and plan on getting dental implants, keep these in mind.

Your Jawbone Is Fully Mature And Healthy

You need to have a jawbone that has reached complete growth to undergo a successful tooth implant procedure.

Dental implant surgery is a major medical procedure, which is why your jawbone should be able to cope with it. Your gums and oral tissues must be healthy too.

You Have Enough Bone To Anchor The Implants

You should have adequate bone to support tooth implants. You may lack the required amount of bone beneath your gums to secure a tooth implant. In such a case, your trusted dental implant professional can use bone grafting techniques.

You Smoke

Smoking can cause infections and adversely affect the positive procedure of tooth implants. If you do not smoke, you are good to go for a dental implant procedure.


If you have missing teeth, you should get dental implants through a reliable authority. However, you should have a healthy jawbone and oral tissues. You must also be willing to patiently undergo the long procedure and dedicatedly maintain your implants.

Factors That Indicate Whether Tooth Implants Are Suitable For You